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Trunk & Treasure Links

Below is a collection of trunk links of some of the best in the business. Maybe the Island Trunk Shop doesn't have the type of trunk you wish to purchase, scroll through these guys sites & they might have what your looking for. Check back for updates as we are always looking to add more.


Click on picture to go to Tall Pines Cottages website

1635 Old Concord Rd, Henniker, NH 03242

603.428.8451 ~ 603.289.1030

Ask for: Debbie or Dave

On Keyser Pond

Open Memorial Day to Columbus Day

Scenic and Restful Setting for a Pleasant Vacation or Weekend Get Away.

Only 90 minutes from Boston!




Churchill J. Barton
Auburn, ME.
(207) 782-7863
 Marvin D. Miller
Brentwood, TN.
(615) 513-5074

Linda Edelstein & Paul Pat Morse
Barrington, NH.
(877) 878-6588

Closter, NJ.
(201) 768-1463
Stanley, WI.

Vintage Antique Beds
Charles Lawrence

Island Trunk Shop
Nahant, MA.