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Trunk # ITS44



Lock Company Unknown:  Original Key






Length: 30”  Height: 18 ”  Width: 17"  Depth: 12”


Here we have a Goldrush Stagecoach trunk from 1840's, she is unbelievable condition considering her age is 167 years .We purchased this froma family in Milford, MA.on May 20, 2007.These trunks are getting harder to find, especially in this fine condition.This trunk was well taken care of through the years. Except for the original leather handles & pull down straps coming over the top, which both sets were replaced with new leather from Brettuns Village. This trunk was originally covered with leather, but someone had tried to restore her some time ago.The lock & latch are in place and work perfectly, which also includes the original key, the brass plate cover is still intacted and works excellent. Notice the original brass round top nails covering the entire trunk, all but one (back)  made it through all these years. The brass round top nails holding the leather straps and handles are reproduction nails, but look great as these were the best replacements we could find.  We tried to get this baby back to her original state the day she left the factory.The original tray had long before removed or lost sometime ago. A new insert tray was built by my good friend John Head (John Head collection) from Coleman, FL. This trunk was completely stripped of all the metal trim, which was then cleaned of any rust & repainted with Rust-oleum glossy black paint. The interior had all the old wallpaper removed, which was not the original paper to begin with. The entire trunk was then sanded down to a smooth finish & given five coats of Minwax Tung oil for protection and leaving beautiful gleaming shine to her. The bottom was stripped of any rust & repaint with the same paint as the rest of the metal. This trunk is quite rare for a trunk her size and a conversation piece to say the least. She will last another 167 years and would make a great gift.


Brass cover lock plate

Right Side



Inside After

Left Side


Ca: 1840's

Restoration Completed:  September 12, 2007

Originally: $1995.00

Sale price: $1500.00


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